You suck, too!

I give a lot of reasons why Dan Ray Sucks, but never explicitly say why you suck; I can only hypothesize why based on my experiences.  I want some concrete evidence based on your experiences.  Don’t be scared of self-slander!  Simply come out of the closet (not in a homosexual sense, unless that’s what you’re going for), get off your high horse, drop the phony pristine image you hold of yourself, and face the truth by giving me a reason why you suck, too!  For example, “I failed a test today.”  Or, “I stepped in cat shit, because I forgot where I kept the litter box.”  Even something like, “I ate two Big Macs today…and I’m still hungry.”

So, please tell me: Why do you suck?


2 thoughts on “You suck, too!

  1. Maria

    I suck, because one time I fell on my knee flat on concrete (mid-run) because I thought the cops were chasing me, it was night time and yes I was stoned. Left a scar and permanent damage. Basically, I suck more than a god damn leech

    1. danraysucks Post author

      Ha, yes… Doing two things at once is difficult. Might I suggest practicing by patting your head and rubbing you belly. When you matter that, reverse it. Then, and only then, should you consider other simultaneous endeavors, Maria.


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