People seem to think I’m some awesomely cool ass dude, when (in reality) I kind of suck. My mission with this blog is to end that silly notion, by pointing out time and time again why Dan Ray Sucks. Don’t worry, I’m not a self-doubter/downer; in fact, I’m very much the opposite, which is why I’m able to bring myself to share my struggles, and failures. Without thinking so highly of myself, I would not be able to overcome the shame of sharing my own idiocy with you. In my respected opinion, everyone should think highly of him/herself. At the same time, you have to remember that this is only your opinion, and chances are your opinion sucks; which means you suck, too. I hope you enjoy discovering through me why we all suck. Thanks.


One thought on “About

  1. Jan

    Ha ha, I found you while searching for goofy cartoonists in my area (NorCal, near Stanford). You’re not in my area! But I got such a kick out of your goofy sense of humor I had to respond. I’m searching for a partner in crime, a henchman, to engage in an entrepreneurial venture which may or may not ever see a penny. (I do have a bunch of Monopoly money, however.) Sorry, I need to keep this short because the animated ad on the right is driving me nuts. Hope to speak to you soon! Jan


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