Site Move


Beep!  Beep! has (metaphorically, sort of) packed up and moved to a real site:!  You can no longer find your fix of pitiful self-apathy here.  Suck it up, and add my new site to “Favorite” in your Bookmarks, because I’m done with this crap.  I’ll leave this page with one final thought; I don’t know the first thing about websites, so Dan Ray Sucks looks pretty much the same there as it does here, which is not what I was expecting.  I wanted an awesome-looking, personalized website; instead, I paid a hundred bucks for a new address and a huge headache.  For the last time here, this is why Dan Ray Sucks, and if you jump into things without thinking them through, well you suck, too.

To continue your shitty experience, please visit the new site.  This is less of a polite request, and more of a demand; if I could do more, like force you at cattle prod point, believe me, I would.  Thanks, and enjoy.

Reply, if you don't suck

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